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What does CS have to do with design? Studio8 showed us in two locations!

December 15, 2016 by

Studio8 Architects hosted not one but TWO office tours, one in San Antonio and one in Austin, both organized by Studio8 Marketing Director, Deanna Bounds.

Christina Bernard’s 8th grade class from IDEA Monterrey Park toured Studio8’s San Antonio location. The panel included Miles Vandewalle, Ryan Squyres, Richard Garrod and Deanna Bounds.  They describe their varied paths to the field of architecture and how they use CS to design their projects. Milton Hime, the owner of Studio8 met some of the students after the presentation.  The students learned about the development of CS and design in architecture and evolution of implementation from hand drawn plans, to CAD, SketchUp and finally Revit.  The students were able to learn how technology can expand or limit the ability of application of concepts as well as how the evolution of CS directly affects a broad range of companies.

Later in November Studio8 hosted a mixed group of 9th and 10th grade AP CS Principles students from Austin Achieve Public Schools.  The students learned about how SketchUp and Revit facilitated the work of architects from Jonathan Pearson, as well as interior design from Megan Rangel.  Jingqi Li shared her experience as an Industrial Designer and how it informs her work as an architect.

After both tours, the students left with an understanding of how CS is integrated into a multitude of career opportunities and has no limits when coming to art, architecture, and design.

We really appreciate Studio8’s staff for giving our students tours this fall!

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