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Camp/Interactive | Y.E.S. – Day 2 at JayPeak

June 17, 2014 by

So today marks the end of the end of day 2 at Jay Peak. All of us FINALLY made it to the slopes. Before we went to the mountain we had a quick check-in at the girls cabin. Toby gave us a little speech on Macrowikinomics and today’s society.Then, we went to the slopes. We all had to have an evaluation to see if we can turn and still ride a board. Even though I kinda struggled, I still made sure that I at least made it off the bunny hill. I’m really proud of the newbies that came today cause they were on FIYA. Sadly I wont find out until tomorrow, but I’m still confident that I’m off of that and onto the metro. After we finished snowboarding for the day we went back to the cabins and had a quick shower. We went over to the girls cabin for a quick quiet time and we all did some homework and what not. And now I’m here because I was sent to write this blog. Breaking the fourth wall a bit but oh well. Well I’m out for now I’ll be on tomorrow at night for day 3.

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